Water Commissioners 10/25/12 Meeting Minutes



The monthly meeting of the Board of Water Commissioners was held at the office at 5 PM with all members present except Mr. Calise. Superintendent Chris Wiseman and Prudential Committee member Amy Kates were also present.

The September minutes were approved.

The warrants were signed.

September coliform results and MTBE results were “0.”

The following information was included in the Superintendent’s report:


September Pumpage          2012 –   22,147,000          2011 – 20,775,000

……………Two new services were installed and one service was replaced.

……………The guardrails have been installed in the wellfield and the hydro-seeding was re-done.

……………The new transmission line was installed from Rte. 28 to the Santuit storage tank.  Chlorinating and sampling are being performed this week. Conduits for fiber optics were also installed.

……………More information for the generator installation at Station #5 will be available at the next meeting.

Final revisions were made to the new personnel policy.

Final revisions were made on the agreement with Open Cape.  It will now be sent over to them for signatures.

The Board is still waiting for the closing date for the 671 Main Street easement.

Discussion continued on the newly proposed security system in conjunction with the fiber optics installation.  Discussion will continue at the next meeting.

Mr. Wiseman presented a new lease proposal from Sprint. The Board stated that it will review the proposal but is not inclined to extend the terms at this point.

Discussion was held on A T & T’s request to install additional antennas on the Main Street tank. Discussion will continue at the next meeting, after further examination of the lease.

Discussion was held on the re-painting project at the West Street tank. Projected costs will be presented at next month’s meeting.

The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, November 27, 2012.


Respectfully submitted,


Frederick Kiely, Chairman

Cc: Prudential Committee