Minutes of Water Commissioners 2/20/13 Meeting



The monthly meeting of the Board of Water Commissioners was held at the office at 5 PM with all members present.  Superintendent Chris Wiseman was also present.

The January minutes were approved.

The warrants were signed.

There was an MCL violation for coliform bacteria in January. The Main Street tank was taken off line, chlorinated, emptied, refilled and retested and follow-up testing results were clear of coliform bacteria. MTBE results were “0” for January.


The following information was included in the Superintendent’s report:

PUMPAGE JANUARY   2013 8,993,000              2012  7,227,000

……………One service was replaced and one service leak was repaired.

……………The proposed Station #5 generator was discussed with Rich Patterson who will draw up specifications for the bid package and will also service the five generators that we already have in place.

Mr. Kiely asked that discussion on the monitoring wells be placed on the March agenda.

Discussion was held on the draft entitled “The Standard for Communication Equipment Mounting” submitted by Haley & Ward’s in-house antenna lease expert Leo Yuskus.  Mr. Barnicle made a motion to accept the report once clean-up work has been done. Mr. Calise seconded the motion and it was so voted. This will be an addendum to the antenna lease RFP.

At 6:00 pm, Meredith Paynter, a SAI company rep., arrived to discuss the modifications that needed to be done at the  A T & T antenna site. After Ms. Paynter clarified the specifics of the job and agreed to submit final elevation drawings, Mr. Wiseman signed the request letter.  Ms. Paynter departed at 6:30 pm..

Discussion continued on the agreement letter with Open Cape Fiber Optics, which will be returned to them once our counsel has reviewed and commented on their latest draft.

The Board was informed that the closing date for the 671 Main Street easement should occur in the next couple of weeks.  Very dismayed with the slow pace of the project, Mr. Calise made a motion to withdraw our support of the agreement and have our portion of the money returned.  Mr.

Barnicle seconded the motion and discussion followed. After much discussion the Board voted unanimously against the motion.

Discussion on the proposed security system update continued. Mr. Barnicle stated that he would contact the Harwich Water Department and speak with their in-house security installation specialist.

Discussion continued on the West Street tank painting project.

The FY 2014 budget and capital improvement program was discussed.  Final budget decisions will be made at the March meeting.

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 14, 2013.

The meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm..


Respectfully submitted,


Frederick Kiely, Chairman

Cc: Prudential Committee