The monthly meeting of the Board of Water Commissioners was held at Freedom Hall at 5 PM with all members present. Superintendent Chris Wiseman was also present.

The April minutes were approved.

The warrants were signed.

here were no coliform detections and no MTBE detections during the month. Since MTBE has not been detected in over 2 years, testing will be conducted quarterly from this point on.

The following information was included in the Superintendent’s report:

PUMPAGE                        2014                   2013

April Pumpage               11,143,000           10,676,000

……………There was one new service installation and two replacement services.

Mr. Wiseman presented a request from Mr. Dacey, developer of the Cotuit Meadows, for an adjustment on the connection charge portion of his water service installation costs.  The Board declined his request based on the increased costs of brass water service materials.

Mr. Wiseman presented a revised contract from Sprint regarding their cell site on the Main Street tank.  Mr. Kiely asked that it be forwarded to him.

Mr. Wiseman informed the Board that he had met with representatives Dan Voorheems and Gary Farrenkopf from Open Cape and our engineering person, Russ Kleekamp from Green Seal Environmental to discuss the fiber optic situation as it relates to our security system.

The motions for the May District meeting were discussed.

Mr. Wiseman updated the Board on the progress of the search for a new office manager.

Discussion was held on the conservation restriction easement that the Barnstable Land Trust sent over for review. Mr. Barnicle made a motion to support the citizens warrant article asking that Cotuit contribute to the conservation easement across the entire 19-acre acquisition, with 4 ½ of those acres falling into the Zone II of the Cotuit supply wells.  Mr. Campbell seconded the motion and it was so voted.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 17, 2014 at 5:00 at Freedom Hall.

The meeting adjourned at 6:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Frederick Kiely, Chairman



Cc: Prudential Committee