January 31 2012 Fire Commissioners Meeting Minutes

Board of Fire Commissioners

Notes of Regular Meeting held January 31, 2012

Note: These notes become official when approved at a subsequent meeting.


The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Fire Commissioners was called to order at 1305hours by Fire Commissioner Mycock, Fire Commissioner Field and Fire Commissioner Nailor

Recording– Amy Kates, Barbara Trainor- Tessier

Fire Commissioners Comments:

  •  Fire Commissioner Mycock reports that Chief Christopher Olsen will not be able to make this meeting do to legal matters
  •  Fire Commissioner Field made a motion to accept November 17, 2011 Fire Commissioners monthly meeting minutes, seconded by FC Nailor, motion passed unanimously
  •  Fire Commissioner Field made a motion to accept December 22, 2011 Fire Commissioners monthly meeting minutes, seconded by FC Nailor, motion passed unanimously

Public Comments:

  •  Statement about Fire Commissioner meeting minutes and Fire Commissioner executive meeting minutes when they can be releasable
  •  Statement about how long shall the recordings be saved
  •  Statement about the requirements were not mate by firefighter that was suppose to attend state academy
  •  Statement about call Firefighters, three were hired without consulting the Fire Commissioners
  •  Statement about staffing sub-committee, questioning why a particular district member was not asked to be on the staffing sub-committee

Fire Commissioner Mycock stating that the Fire Chief told the Fire Commissioners that the firefighter was not going to the state fire academy because we need more personnel at the station for coverage do to line of duty injuries.


Fire Commissioner Mycock stating that there will be one or two special budget meetings to complete the FY 2013 budget for the Prudential Committee.


Fire Commissioner Nailor reports on the staffing sub-committee- there have been two to three meetings; last meeting was very informative especially with the help of Paul Mederios of Hyannis Fire and Representative of the Professional Firefighters of Massachusetts.  Mr. Mederios spoke on the reasons to hire more firefighters as well as giving information on the need of more firefighters for Cotuit Fire Department.

Fire Commissioner Nailor stated that the Fire Chief is working on completing the Safer Grant and will have it ready in time for February 24, 2012.

Fire Chief’s Report:

Fire Commissioner Field made a motion not to release executive minutes of FY2010 on the advice of legal counsel, seconded by FC Nailor, motion passed anonymously.

Fire Commissioner Nailor made a motion to adjourn Fire Commissioners meeting, seconded by FC Field, motion passed unanimously.

  •  No report, will be completed at next regularly scheduled Fire Commissioner meeting

Old Business:


  •  No report, will be compiled for next Fire Commissioners meeting

New Business:

  •  No comment, all new business will be addressed at the next Fire Commissioners meeting


Respectfully Submitted:

Board of Fire Commissioners