April 19 2012 Fire Commissioners Meeting Minutes

Cotuit Fire District – Board of Fire Commissioners

Notice of meetings of District Department and all District Boards

As required by Chapter 28 of the Acts of 2009 which amends MGL Chapter 30 A


Minutes of April 19th Meeting

Called to Order 1:11 P.M.


Approved March 22, 2012 minutes


Public Comment:

Ms. Tessier questioned approval of January 2012 minutes, not posted on website She Noted Open Meeting Law Violation on agenda, inquired as to opportunity to speak?  Board may allow.

Amy Kates noted, the Fire Chief’s comment made at the Civic Assoc. meeting relating to the budget and Treasurer’s responsibilities was inappropriate.  The Fire Chief and Fire Commissioners are responsible for the Fire Departments budget.  It is not the responsibility of the Treasurer

Amy Kates noted Staffing/Sub-Committee on agenda, indicated it is the responsibility of the Chairperson of the sub-committee to keep minutes and make available to the public as there is no appointed Clerk.  The tapes of the minutes were provided to the Administrative Assistant of the Fire Department to create.  Chairperson informed minutes are available.  Amy Kates noted, the Administrative Assistant was successful in creating minutes

New resident spoke information presented at Civic Assoc. meeting helpful.

Mr. Wall-requested remarks be stricken, 2nd Speaker, spoke as member of Public not as Prudential Committee Member.

Agnes Murray stated, The Fire Chief did not know the answer to the budget question at the Civic Association meeting.  Agnes Murray clarified her role as District Treasurer.  The Fire Departments budget is the Fire Departments.  The explanation on salaries and line items can be referred to the Chart of Accounts.  The Fire Department determines what goes into the budget.  The Treasurer process warrants and distributes the checks.  The District Treasurer is not responsible for what goes into the budget.

Fire Chief’s Report

Monthly Activity -32 Rescue Calls, 6 Fire Prevention, Yearly 65-70%, Calls last year 179, presently at 204 calls.

Comstar- on track

Old Business:

Budget – Fire Commissioner Ron Mycock, discussed Dispatch – cost with County versus Centerville-Osterville-Marstons Mills. Presently $52,000 County 38,483 start-up, 10,000 base, 18.00 per call.  Amy Kates questioned what would we be giving up – Chief responded, with C-O-MM has the knowledge of Cotuit area.

The Administrative Assistant position cost to District $47,500 benefits.  Ron Mycock was an advocate for Chief Frazier having this position of secretary/clerk.  Are we getting our bang for the buck?  The job description includes human resource functions.  Is the District getting what they are paying for?  From his personal experience, as a business person need to re-visit.  Chief Olsen noted the position is used.  Chief Olsen will review job description with Administrative Assistant.  The job description was completed by Chief Frazier prior to his retiring

New Business:

Truck Committee Next step, view the Town of Falmouth truck

Staffing Fire Commissioner Ron Mycock requested that the committee be prepared for questions with the cost to the Public.  Chief Olsen would like to see staffing first.  Call Firefighters can be used.  Fire Chief has concerns over enough people to do the job.  Fire Commissioner Ron Mycock, new development in Cotuit causes need for more firefighters.  James Gardner stressed the importance of addressing all the avenues before arising at a   decision.

Centennial celebration – moving forward.

Open Meeting Law Violation Complaint-Ms. Tessier read the Attorney General’s letter signifying the recorded tapes are to be kept on file permanently. Ms. Tessier would like a new vote on record, that the tapes will be kept beyond the original vote of ninety days.  Fire Commissioner Ron Mycock indicated, the Commonwealth has changed the law, not required to keep tapes.  Chairperson indicated, presently keeping the tapes.

The second complaint filed is the detail of minutes.  Chairperson responded, there is always room for improvement.   Ms. Tessier stated, in past meetings, she spoke about the Fire Chief’s Academy experience.  This was not included in minutes.


Meeting Adjourned:  2:30 P.M.


Approval of Warrants