Fire Commission Special Meeting 5-14-13

Board of Fire Commissioners

Notes of Special Meeting held, May 14, 2013

Note: These notes become official when approved at a subsequent meeting.

The Special meeting of the Board of Fire Commissioners was called to order at 1300hours by Fire Commissioner Mycock, Field and Nailor

Meeting opened at 1300

  • Fire Commissioner Mycock addresses the public with the Hiring process from Chief Christopher J. Olsen. We are here to use an excess of caution. This is not a new position but a vacancy.
  • Fire Chief Olsen addresses the Board with the hiring process for one Firefighter/Paramedic position.
  • Fire Chief stated that an advertisement was placed in the Cape Cod Times for a Firefighter/Paramedic position. We had received eighteen applications from that advertisement. A matrix was completed prior to receiving any applicants. The applicants were graded on their entire application packet and oral interview. In order to have been accepted the applicants had to have taken the Barnstable Fire Fighters entrance exam.
  • One applicant was not a paramedic which had been disqualified
  • The packets were to be picked up at the station, signed out and stamped received with the date and time when returned to the station. The applicants had a week to respond back to the station.
  • Officers graded the applications and resume. The Officers graded the all the packets in separate rooms with numbers did not want any names to the packets until the end of grading.
  • When each Officer had finished the grading process, the Officers complied a list by numbers and met with me in the Fire Chief Officer and compared each Officers list. Coming up with six numbers and then names to interview.
  • The interview was completed, each Officer grading the interview. When completed all grades of all six applicants was placed into the matrix. A hiring list was created.
  • The Top Applicant was chosen. The top applicant was Firefighter/Paramedic Peter Emerson.
  • It is my recommendation to the Board of Fire Commissioners to hire Firefighter/Paramedic Peter Emerson.
  • Fire Commissioner Nailor stated that she was asked to participate in the process by observation only. Fire Commissioner Nailor stated that it was a very fair and excellent process and would whole heartily support the Fire Chief recommendation for Call Firefighter Peter Emerson for the position of Firefighter/Paramedic Cotuit Fire Department.
  • Fire Commissioner Mycock asked if there was there any female applicants in the process, the answer was “no”. On the list from the Entry Level Firefighting Test there are a few female firefighter/paramedic that could have applied.
  • Public comment there was about two female firefighters out of twenty-four males going through the Barnstable Fire Academy.
  • Questions asked about matrix, academy trained, and PAT
  • Comment made to Board from the public on how important it is have a call firefighter from
  • Fire Commissioner Mycock made a motion with an abundance of caution to accept the Fire Chiefs’ recommendation to hire Call Firefighter/Paramedic Peter Emerson.
  • Comments on the matrix to share with the general public
  • Fire Commissioner Field made a motion to adjourn, seconded motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted:
Board of Fire Commissioners

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