Fire Commissioners September 26 2013 Monthly Meeting Minutes

September 26, 2013 Fire Commissioners Monthly Minutes


Fire Commissioner Mycock opened Fire Commissioners meeting at 1300


Fire Commissioner Mycock, Nailor and Field present at meeting


Recording meeting: None

Public Comments:


By-laws need to be posted on District Web page as well as the Fire Commissioners Monthly Meeting minutes.


Fire Chief’s Report:


Fire and Rescue activities have increased approximately 53 calls from last year. Total of 57 calls for the month




Submitted to Fire Commissioners with 62 percent of monies collected.




Fy 13 Budget is in line with percentage of the month




FF Clark is doing well at the State Fire Academy will be completed by November 2013.


One of our Full time personnel retiring, letter in hand and wish that firefighter well on their retirement and a job well done.


Need to maintain the paramedic work force.  We should keep hiring paramedic for paramedic to ensure our ALS status.


Moving forward on hiring a paramedic from our current hiring list.




Ambulance 262 –State Inspector notice small cracks in the ambulance, not unsafe but needs to be watching and moving forward with a new ambulance in the near future.


Capital equipment plan:


Marine 266 and 268 is running well, no issues.


The Union Contract negotiation needs to begin, The Union Contract ends June 2013.


The Board of Fire Commissioners made a vote to place Fire Commissioner Mycock and Fire Commissioner Field to the Union Contract Negotiation team.


No executive session.


Fire Commissioner Mycock makes a motion to adjourn meeting seconded by Commissioner Field. Motion carries.