November 21 2013 Fire Commissioners Meeting Minutes

DRAFTNovember 21 2013 Fire Commissioners Monthly Meeting



1305 hrs


No executive session.


Present: Fire Commissioner Mycock, Fire Commissioner Field

Absent: Fire Commissioner Nailor



Amy Kates, Barbara Trainor-Tessier


FC Field made a motion to accept the Fire Commissioner September meeting minutes, seconded by Fire Commissioner Mycock. Motion carried.


FC Field makes a motion to accept the Fire Commissioner Special Meeting October 15, 2013 meeting minutes. Seconded by FC Mycock, motion carried.



Concern citizen requesting that minutes need to be accurate and complete


Concern citizen read letter to be placed in minutes


Concern citizen requesting that Fire Commissioner meetings need to be completed throughout the year does not know how fire department work can be completed without fire commissioner meetings. Concern citizen read letter, to be placed in meeting minutes.  Concern citizen questioning sick time and line of duty abuse.


Concern citizen question the Fire Chief’s contract in particularly 15.3, requesting that part be removed. Requesting level funded contract. What education classes has the Fire Chief been taken since his hire date?


Concern citizen stating that there have been legalities that have taken place and the district has been busy with lawsuits.


Fire Commissioner Field asking a concern citizen “what is your goal” “why are you trying to discredit our Fire Chief” “Do you have people working for you at the Fire Department, telling you information?” “Do you work there at that fire department?  This is overwhelming as a board with personal attacks only from a few individuals. I am sorry.


Fire Commissioner Mycock stating, “Personally, I do not think that anybody can question the Chief’s work ethics”.



Fire Chief’s report:


Total of 56 incidents for the month of October 2013 The storm that we had gave us about fifty-one incidents.



Comstar report: 09-11-2013 – $26,761.25 earned for the of AUGUST


Sixty-two percent


Fire Commissioner Mycock requesting for a three-year summary report from comstar.


Ambulance 262 is starting to cost us in repairs


Engine 265 is slated to be replaced next fiscal year

Engine 263 has money for rehab


Fire Commissioner Mycock will send a letter to the Prudential Committee and Treasurer to


Full time/Call Members:

Fire Fighter/ Paramedic Donna Fenner has retired from Cotuit Fire Department – would like to acknowledge a job well done and we all wish her well on her retirement years. Thank you!


Firefighter Erick Anderson was hired from the hiring list that we had established eight to nine months ago. FF Anderson comes to us from Mashpee Fire Department with five full time years of experience and State Fire Academy trained. Cotuit Fire Department would like to welcome FF Anderson.


Fire Commissioners need to start the process of union contract negotiations. Public comment and executive session.


Fire Commissioner Mycock request to establish a date for negotiations, looking to start December 3, 2013 Tuesday at 1300hrs at Freedom Hall. Fire Commissioner Mycock will contact Prudential Committee Member Rick Barry.


Fire Fighter Shane Clark has graduated the State Fire Academy; we would like to congratulate him on a job well done!


FF Peter Emerson will need to complete the State Fire Academy recruit class, looking for support to send FF Emerson in September 2014.


The Fire Chief is requesting to establish an explorer post from the BSA at Cotuit Fire Department. Which will b known as Cotuit Fire Department Explorer Post 263


The Cotuit Fire Fighters Association will help in this effort and support the Cotuit Fire Department Explorer Post 263.


Fire Commissioner Field made a comment on the safety of the explorers, Fire Chief stating that there is a policy and curriculum to follow from the Boy Scouts of America for Explorers that we will adhere to safety is part of that program.


Fire Commissioner Field requesting that we utilize the Explorers in such things for the district and department has “T” sales, events throughout the district.


Fire Chief stating that he is involved in a program call “Camp Fully Involved” as well as Skills USA these programs are for young women and men to get involve with Firefighting, these programs are very similar to the explorers and in fact most of the young ladies that come to “Camp Fully Involved” are explorers.  Our Explorers will get involved in all aspects of the fire department and hopefully someday compete in Skills USA Firefighting Competition.


Fire Commissioner Mycock is concerned with liabilities for the young explorers.  Chief stating that this is a concern, however, the BSA has had this program in place for many years and the explorers fall under the Boy Scouts of America’s policies.


Chief stating when he judges the state level and national level First Aid and CPR competition in Kansas City each year, if not all most of the young adults are explorers.


Fire Commissioner Mycock made a motion that the Cotuit Fire Department be allowed to Charter the Cotuit Fire Department Explorer Post 263, seconded by Fire Commissioner Field, motion carried.

Renovations will be completed to dinning hall in the near future.

Fire Commissioner Mycock stated that attempted Global mediation for the Pierce matters had failed.

Fire Commissioner Mycock made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Fire Commissioner Field, motion carried.