Fire Commissioners – Nov 25, 2014 – Meeting Transcript

 Cotuit Fire District – Board of Fire Commissioners

Notice of meetings of District Department and all District Boards
As required by Chapter 28 of the Acts of 2009 which amends MGL Chapter 30 A


November 25, 2014 Meeting of the Board of Fire Commissioners


Attendance: Fire Commissioner Mycock, Fire Commissioner Hadley, Fire Commissioner Nailer, and Chief Christopher Olsen


Fire Commissioner Mycock opened meeting at 1:09 hours.

Amy Kates and Barbara Trainor Tessier are recording

Old Business

Find and report minutes from August 2014 meeting

Warrant article to appear on 25,000 in legal fees

Union negotiations:  met with the Union and agreed to disagree. Applied for voluntary mediation through the state to see if able to come to terms.  Fire Commissioner Mycock suggests that this board hires a lawyer to assist us in this process It is a voluntary mediation and Fire Commissioner Mycock offered to the Union that if they have revised positions prior to this mediation.

A Special Meeting is scheduled for January 22, 2015 regarding the purchase of the property next door to the Fire Department

There may be another warrant article for the Fire Department to appear on funds for $25,000 in legal fees for this mediation and it would be a good time to complete negotiation to put on next agenda, but that is just a guess as it might be going for a length of time.


Monthly Activities

Chief Olsen reported that in October there were 28 rescue calls and 16 fire and smoke investigations including CO.  44 total in October

Comstar’s next report will be generated after Christmas.  Current spreadsheet from Comstar is from November 2013 to October 2014.  Indicates that CFD had 307 ambulance exact transports, this is not the total calls but the actual transports.  The total charges from Nov 2013 to Oct 2014 are $231,849.20.  The total allowable is $162,814.09.  The total we have have collected $116,448.65.  Comstar figured the percentage as 71.52% collected.

Ambulance billing account starting in fiscal year of July through October 14, 2014 the end of balance from gross to net and the write-off’s from the past looking at $43,868.90.  Comstar does these reports and sends to CFD on a zip drive

Three meetings ago Fire Commissioner’s asked Chief about write-offs—Comstar hasn’t provided reports as of yet

Chief Olsen will find out what the amount of $3,666.76 in August is from.  Not sure what the $101 is from, think might be from a patient that was overcharged.

Fire Commissioner Mycock mentioned revote on what to charge for ambulance transport.  Chief Olsen said charge very low compared to other Fire Departments and billing said able to up it.  Fire Commissioner Mycock asked Chief to ask each Commission what presently write off and what we can write off.

Fire Commissioner Mycock has concern’s that if transport costs go up too much and the individual doesn’t have insurance we don’t want them not to call because they don’t have the money to pay for ambulance ride

Commissioner Nailor voiced her concern that people may not call who should call if the price of ambulance transport would increase.  It would be encumbered upon the department to educate the community to call whether they have insurance or not

Chief Olsen mentioned the HVAC in the Fire House as the system condenser is leaking .  The unit is from the remodel of 1986 so it is time to look into another system.


New Business

CFD was having trouble with the Zoll machine.  The machine was not affecting the patients, but the hospital was not receiving signals from the ambulance monitoring readings to assist upon arrival.  Sold the Zoll to another company; which we received about $16k that went towards the purchase of a LifePak 15, which has been working fine.

Commissioner Hadley asked if Lifepak is compatible with the new ambulance.  Chief assured him it was looked into and will be compatible.

The new ambulance is scheduled to arrive in January.  It will then go into service within two weeks of its arrival.

Chief Olsen has a new Administrative Assistant, Christina Dauley.  She works part time 15 hours a week and has taken over the bills, payroll and warrants.

Truck committee:  Commissioner Field is working on the Truck Committee and Chief Olsen was hoping someone from this Committee would like to join.  Need to look into getting a new fire engine for next year as 265 needs to be replaced.  Eventually 263 will also need to be replaced as they were bought in close proximity to each other.  Chief Olsen hopes to extend 263 for as long as possible so not looking for two new vehicles.  Chief asked for motion for volunteers join the Committee, Commissioner Hadley agreed to be on the subcommittee.  Chief will send out emails and set up the first meeting in January.  Commissioner Hadley asked if the Chief had looked into leasing a vehicle rather than buy.  A Lease would be cheaper-and Fire Commissioner Mycock mentioned it would be a good way to separate the purchase of two vehicles close together.  Chief mentioned that Sandwich FD leases and it is working out great, plus the lease to buy option is available too.  Commissioner Mycock mentioned involving the Treasurer in this also to work out the numbers.

Next Meeting:  December 18, 2014 at 1:00

Public Sections not listed on Agenda-no comments

Motion Made by Commissioner Mycock to adjourn the meeting, Commissioner Nailor seconded the motion.

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