Fire Commissioners – June 18 2015 – Meeting minutes

2015-Cotuit Fire District – Board of Fire Commissioners
Notice of meetings of District Department and all District Boards
As required by Chapter 28 of the Acts of 2009 which amends MGL Chapter 30 A

June 18, 2015
Meeting of the Board of Fire Commissioners

Attendance:  Fire Commissioner Hadley, Dr. Pasano, and Chief Christopher Olsen


Absent:  Fire Commissioner Mycock


Minutes for April and May meeting approved


Public comment: Ms. Gardener asked if the budget could be reviewed and to explain any over expenditures-Chief answered the question with an explanation. Ms. Gardener also mentioned her concern about the new Commissioner approving minutes as he didn’t attend the last meeting-Commissioner Hadley addressed this concern.


Fire Chief Report:

Old Business: Monthly activities in May 36 EMS/rescue calls 37 fires total 73.  April 38 EMS/rescue 18 fire total 56.  Comstar report 76.94% collected grand totals.  In April charges $37,976 collected,  $17,274.81 allowable, total collected $12,324 or 71.34%.  In May had 24 transports $28,000.74 allowable cost $18,042 collected $2,541.98 or 14.09%


Budget: The Other category is over budget as it is a catch all for things such as administrative leave, open shifts, shift changes, storms, funeral leave, vacant shifts, details, etc. To date 92% of budget is spent.  The salary’s may be over, Chief asked if the Board could speak with the Prudential Committee and review and extend budget ($14,000) to cover the next week and half.  Commissioner asked if this amount could come out of another account-Chief explained that some money does come back from the Insurance Company for line of duty injury, but it goes into the general fund, not returned to the Fire Dept. accounts.


New Business: Looking at 5 different companies for a new Fire Engine.  A few engines have come in for demo and once all quotes come in the Truck Committee will meet to discuss. Chief took a moment to say how proud he is of the CFD and all the Firefighters and supports their need of a contract.  Regarding training and college, we have 2 FF taking classes and 5-including the Chief who are advancing their education/degree’s.


Commissioner Hadley’s microphone was not turned on for the remainder of the meeting

Motion made to adjourn the meeting.

Next meeting held on July 14, 2015

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