December 2010 Fire Commissioners Meeting Minutes

Board of Fire Commissioners
Notes of Regular Meeting held, December 16, 2010
Note: These notes become official when approved at a subsequent meeting.

The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Fire Commissioners was called to order at 1307hours by Commissioner Mycock, Field and B. Nailor. Also in attendance: Amy Kates, Cindy and James Gardner, Ruth Pierce, Barbara Tessier, Bill Tressier, Jessica Grassetti, Mrs. Lowe, David Nailor, Donald Campbell, Bennett Dotridge, Lt Sargent, Lt. W. McNamara, FF J. Pierce, Exe Admin. J. Geggatt,

Fire Commissioner Mycock made a motion to reconsider August minutes as written, seconded, motion carried
Fire Commissioner Mycock made a motion to accept November 18th minutes, seconded, motion carried
Public Comments:
Questions on Freedom Hall
Thanking the Board of Fire Commissioners stay the course
Questions on Officers Education/Training and staffing concerns
Question on line item of legal expenses
Fire Commissioners are concerned with staffing and looking into this matter
District member stating his official business with Cotuit Fire was that he retired with Cotuit Fire after completing 41 years of service- member was “Thanked” by Board of Fire Commissioners and Fire Chief for the record
Recording- Two district members recording and the Fire District
Fire Chief Report:
• Activity Reports- approximately 62 incidents for the month of November 2010
• Increase from last years incidents, each month by two to three incidents
• Outstanding appropriations FY 05 communications
• Christmas in Cotuit huge success “Thanks to all that helped and especially Thanks to District member on helping with lighting of Christmas Tree and assisting in operation of M266 for Santa”
Old Business:

• Budget- 41% Labor and Salaries spent, 56% of the operational budget spent
• Review of the August minutes- will bring it back for reconsideration, Fire Commissioner Mycock will make the amendment and make a motion to accept the new amendment
• Freedom Hall was placed on the agenda as Old Business to see if any District member has questions for the Fire Department on Freedom Hall since the Fire Department involvement of Freedom Hall
New Business:
• EMS software Imagine trend has been ordered, place in training and will be compliant by January 2011
• Clean room- EMS supplies- would like to remove the cabinets and place bins so we know what we have for minimums and maximums of EMS supplies
• Fire Department is looking into making Cotuit Fire District a Heart Safe Community
• Re-organization of front apparatus bay since the stainless steel sink was place in service.
• Fire Commissioner Mycock stating next week will be a special meeting on union negotiations, Budget and personnel and that they maybe a need for executive session.

Respectfully Submitted:
Board of Fire Commissioners