January 2011 Fire Commissioner Meeting Minutes

Board of Fire Commissioners
Notes of Regular Meeting held, January 20, 2011
Note: These notes become official when approved at a subsequent meeting.

The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Fire Commissioners was called to order at 1304hours by Commissioner Mycock, Field and B. Nailor. Also in attendance: Amy Kates, Cynthia Gardner, Ruth Pierce, Bill and Barbara Tessier, Jim LeClair, Exe Admin. J. Geggatt, Lieutenant Joseph Pouliot, Lieutenant William McNamara, FF Donna Fenner, FF Jayne Pierce, FF Donald Thompson

Fire Commissioner Mycock read the requirements of open meeting law information
Public Comments:
• Need more firefighters on each shift
• Need more firefighters and Officers that are qualified
• Fire Commissioner Mycock stating that we are looking into the need of more Firefighters but also keeping a watchful eye on the budget
Recording- Two district members recording and the Fire District
Fire Chief Report:
• Activity Reports- approximately 65 incidents for the month of December 2010
• Increase from last years incidents, each month by two to three incidents
• 38 incidents are ambulance runs, 27 incidents were fire related
Old Business:

• Budget- 48% Labor and Salaries spent, 75% of the operational budget spent
• Fire Chief concerned with a few line items: telephone, internet and legal expenses
• EMS software Imagine trend has been working, will place in service in the near future
• Clean room- EMS supplies- would like to remove the cabinets and place bins so we know what we have for minimums and maximums of EMS supplies-working process
• Call Firefighters hiring process is moving forward
• CPR Training will be starting soon
• New Business:
• Additional personnel: Fire Chief has concerns and questions prior to hiring potential temporary Firefighters, this will be tabled to next meeting

Fire Commissioner Mycock made a motion to go into executive session and will not convene in public forum after executive session. Motion was seconded, motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted:
Board of Fire Commissioners