June 2010 Fire Commissioners meeting minutes

Board of Fire Commissioners
Notes of Regular Meeting held, June 17, 2010
Note: These notes become official when approved at a subsequent meeting.

The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Fire Commissioners was called to order at 1303 hours by Commissioner Mycock,Commissioner Field and Commissioner B. Nailor. Also in attendance: Ruth Pierce, Barbara Tressier, Bill Tressier, Ken Elliot, Bennet Dotridge, Don Campbell, Attorney M. Bourdou, Fire Chief C.Olsen, Lieutenant W. Sargent, FF J.Amento

May monthly meeting was CANCELLED until after district annual meeting.

Fire Commissioner (FC) Mycock welcomes all and states we need to review the minutes of last meeting

Motion made by FC Mycock to accept minutes of last meeting:
Motion was seconded
Motioned carried

FC Mycock discussed Public Comments- no time limit, FC do not have to respond to questions, after Public comments made the balance of meeting will be old and new business only.

Public Comments:
District member asking: posting at Post Office- need to be posted two to four weeks in advanced.
District member asking: Recommend a change of time to Fire Commissioners meetings. “That way the working man can come to the meetings”
District member: Last Annual District Meeting – wanted to let the Public Officials that they all do a great job and appreciates all what they do and wanted to say “thank you” to all Public Officials
District member: seconded last public comment
FC Mycock asking if anybody else wanted to make Public comment: seeing none, closed public comment.

Chief’s Report:

Completed warrants for FY11- at Annual District meeting- out of 31 articles 23 passed, 3 changed and passed, 1 failed and 4 withdraw.
Fire House (FH) Software working well
FH EMS software at this time is not an option, looking into three others: Ambupro, Imagine Trend and Zoll
One Officers evaluation needs to be completed
110 Vineyard – Donation from the Connors, very much appreciated, Thank you letter went our on behalf of the Fire Department and Firefighters Association

Old Business:

FC Mycock asking: How are we doing with the budget?
Fire Chief answering we have spent eighty-nine percent of the Labor and sallies portion of the budget since the end of May, we have one month left
Sixty-one percent for the operational portion of the budget
FC Field asked if we followed up with District member for the thermal imaging camera
Fire Chief answering with a yes
Generator completed all monies spent and within budget for line item
Truck Committee: visited Sandwich Fire and scheduling in near future to visit Falmouth Fire
FC Mycock made comments to the public about truck committee telling the public that the District is about three to five years out before new apparatus purchase
FC Field asking who is on marine committee, Chief C. Olsen, Lieutenant W. Sargent, and FF T. Anderson
FC Field stated if we can receive funds for the old generator that would be a plus
Motion Made by FC Mycock to have the Fire Chief to follow M.G.L under procurement laws accordingly
Motion seconded
Motion carried.

New Business:

FC Mycock discussed to elect a Chairperson for the Board of Fire Commissioners
Motion Made by FC Field to nominate FC Mycock as Chairman of the Board of Fire Commissioners
Seconded by FC Nailor
Motioned carried.

Fire Department is up twenty-six incidents from last year
FC Mycock asked does this number have to do with Mashpee Fire Department, Fire Chief Olsen answered that it does as well as Cotuit Fire District has been increasing in incidents throughout the years
Review of Fire Chief’s Contract
Motion made by FC Mycock to extend the Fire Chief’s contract as it exist for three additional years totaling the Fire Chief Contract for six years
FC Field seconded
District member stating is the Chief happy with this? Fire Chief answered “yes” “thank you”
District member stating why seek an extension on the Chief’s contract prior to the last year, FC Mycock answered to secure the Fire Chief’s services. It was a very costly process
District member stating Chief has done a great job; I think we should award him
District member seconded last comment
District member Fire Chief relocated his family and is building a house in Cotuit, I think we owe the Fire Chief the security
Fire Commissioner voted unanimously on the motion, motion carried

Fire Hose replacement for Engine 265

Requesting Lt. Pouliot to looking into grants for self contained breathing apparatus and personal protective equipment

Fire Chief applying for a fitness and wellness grant

FC Mycock requested FF John Amento to ask the Union to send a letter to the Board of Fire Commissioners to start the process of negotiations

District member asked to see if the Board received a letter
FC Mycock answered “yes, it will be in the mail within a couple of days”

FC Mycock states the next part of this meeting will be with Attorney Boudreau for a seminar for open meeting laws, all present welcome to sit and observe, you won’t be able to ask questions this is for the officials only.

Attorney Mark Boudreau gave seminar of the new open meeting laws to the Board of Fire Commissioners and the Fire Chief, which will be in effect 7/1/10; also went over previous open meeting laws to clarify any concerns questions and comments

Attorney Boudreau will be giving the same seminar to the Water Department and Prudential Committee Members in the near future

Motion made by FC Mycock to adjourn Fire Commissioners meeting stating no more business, no executive session
FC Field seconded
Motion carried

Respectfully Submitted:
Board of Fire Commissioners