March 2011 Fire Commissioners Meeting Minutes

Board of Fire Commissioners
Notes of Regular Meeting held, March 17, 2011
Note: These notes become official when approved at a subsequent meeting.

The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Fire Commissioners was called to order at 1305hours by Commissioner Mycock, Field and B. Nailor.

Fire Commissioner Mycock read the requirements of open meeting law information

Fire Commissioner Mycock will be appointing a committee to see what rules and regulations needed in the near future.

Fire Commissioner Field made a motion to accept minutes of February 17th 2011 Fire Commissioners meeting. Seconded by Nailor, motion carried.

Recording- One district member recording and the Fire District

Public Comments:
• Recently changed open meeting law changes were brought forth to the Board of Fire Commissioners
• Move public comments after the old and new business
• Replace old equipment
• Hire more personnel for the Fire Station
• Requesting Fire Commissioners for highest level of education
• Asking about computers and electronic devices used in Fire Commissioners meetings
• Comments on minutes of the FC meetings how they should be done and how long the minutes need to be stored.
• May need to have a By-Law change to address information

Old Business:

• Budget- 62% Labor and Salaries spent, 72% of the operational budget spent
• Fire Chief concerned with a few line items: telephone, internet and legal expenses
• FY 2010 appropriations possibilities, closing out federal safety grant, FD Communication Equipment will be completed this year
• Completed FY 2012 Budget and annual report sent in for print, we made our By-
• Looking to bring on two more Call Firefighters

New Business:

• Move forward in filling Lieutenant Hoffman Position since his retirement March 25, 2011
• Comstar information spreadsheet will be provided in the future to the Board of Fire Commissioners, electronically and find out what the District is writing off and what we are charging for each items

Fire Commissioner Mycock stating to consider global mediation with the respect to the following matters:

1. Grievance of Jayne Pierce – AAA Case #11 390 01629 09
2. Jayne Pierce v. Cotuit Fire District and Board of Fire Commissioners, Christopher Olsen, Chief
MCAD Docket No. 10BEM00784
EEOC/HUB No. 16C-2010-01223
3. Jayne Pierce v. Cotuit Fire District et al
Barnstable Superior Court, C/A No. BACV2010-00412
4. Grievance of Jayne Pierce – AAA Case #11 390 01256 10
5. David Pierce v. Town of Cotuit [sic]
Massachusetts Division of Labor Relations Case No.: MUP-10-5825
6. David Pierce v. Cotuit Fire District, Board of Fire Commissioners of the Cotuit Fire District, Donald Campbell, Ronald Mycock, and Peter D. Field,
Fire Commissioners of the Cotuit Fire Department and Christopher Olsen,
Fire Chief, United States District Court Civil Action No. 1:10-CV-12091-DPW
7. Grievance of David Pierce – AAA Case #11 390 01739 10

Fire Commissioner Mycock made a motion to go into executive session do to the possible adverse impact that may occur upon the Cotuit Fire District to confer with District Counsel with respect to the above-captioned matters regarding David and Jayne Pierce.
Seconded by Commissioner Field, roll call vote taken, motion carried

Fire Commissioner Mycock stating that we are going into executive session we will not reconvene before twenty-five passed two(1425hrs), after such time we will reconvene.

Fire Commissioner’s Meeting reconvened 1450hrs. Fire Commissioner Mycock read a statement:
Copies of the statement was giving at the meeting, copies
Fire Commissioner Mycock on counsel direction will not be answering or making any further comments at this time. Fire Commissioner will allow public comment.

Public Comments:
• Is this going to be a financial burden to the District, no, insurance is covering the legal expenses
• Are you going to consider mediation or not.
• What insurance is covering this, your employee liability insurance

Fire Commissioner Mycock makes a motion that the Board agrees to nonbinding mediation subject to the condition that Captain Pierce agrees to complete the disclosure of all documents designated confidential and which case the district would likewise agree to complete the disclosure of all documents designated confidential and that the documents shall be disclosed to the public.

Seconded by FC Field, roll call votes made, motioned carried.

Fire Commissioner Nailor makes a motion to adjourn, seconded by FC Mycock, motioned carried.

Respectfully Submitted:
Board of Fire Commissioners