September 2010 Fire Commissioners Meeting Minutes

Board of Fire Commissioners
Notes of Regular Meeting held, September 16, 2010
Note: These notes become official when approved at a subsequent meeting.

The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Fire Commissioners was called to order at 1300 hours by Commissioner Field and Commissioner B. Nailor. Also in attendance: Treasurer/clerk Agnes Murray, Amy Kates, Cindy Gardner, Ruth Pierce, Barbara Tressier, Bill Tressier, Lieutenant Joseph Pouliot, FF Jayne Pierce, FF John Amento.

Fire Commissioner Field made the motion to accept the meeting minutes for August Fire Commissioners meeting, Seconded by Fire Commissioner Nailor.

Public Comments: Copy of the minutes that were just approved
Training and college reimbursement comments were made
Gym memberships question and question on our own Gym equipment
Question on how many employee are taken advantage of the educational opportunities
Question on executive meets not available

Recording- one district member recording and the Fire District

Fire Chief Report:
• Activity Reports
• Fire House
• Troop 52 presentation of American Hero Flags to Cotuit Fire
• Wellness and Fitness program with Cape Cod Municipal Health
Old Business:
• Budget- 16% Labor and Salaries spent, 28% of the operational budget spent, Fire Chief is concerned that employees are not working making overtime increases as well as the call department
• Paying call firefighters bi-monthly instead of monthly
• Fire Commissioner Field made a motion to place every employee on the same pay scheduled, seconded by Fire Commissioner Nailor, motion carried.
New Business:
• Truck Committee- needs to meet for a visit to Falmouth Fire
• Personnel Protective Equipment- Lieutenant Pouliot completing grant, Full time department requires two sets of gear and the call department receives one set.
• Fitness/Wellness Grant- Chief will work on grant
• Training reimbursement- Training reimbursement sheet to fill out needs to be changed does not go along with the Union contract.
• Contract language regarding training reimbursement was discussed in reference to taking and receiving reimbursement.
• Other Health careers do not offer
• Freedom Hall- Prudential Members asking Fire Department to take over certain responsibilities, obligations were reviewed
• Fire Commissioner Field closed Fire Commissioners meeting with executive session not needed

Respectfully Submitted:
Board of Fire Commissioners