December 22 2011 Fire Commissioners Meeting Minutes

Board of Fire Commissioners

Notes of Regular Meeting held December 22, 2011

Note: These notes become official when approved at a subsequent meeting.


The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Fire Commissioners was called to order at 1315hours by Fire Commissioner Mycock, Fire Commissioner Field and Fire Commissioner Nailor

Recording– Amy Kates, Barbara Trainor- Tessier

Fire Commissioners Comments:

  •  Fire Commissioner Mycock reports that the Attorney’s have our recorder, unable to make a motion on November Fire Commissioner meeting minutes table to next Fire Commissioner meeting

Public Comments:

  •  Statement about executive meeting minutes when they are not releasable
  •  Employee requesting executive meeting minutes and can they contact District Clerk for executive meeting minutes

Fire Chief’s Report:

  •  Monthly activities: November 2011 Seventy-two(72) total incidents, EMS = 49, Fire = 23
  •  Comstar: Decreased from $43,821.00 to $38,827.35

Old Business:


  •  No budget was received from the District Treasurer

New Business:

  •  Centennial Celebration- Asked if Board of Fire Commissioners will allow the Fire Chief to start the process, we will have a schedule of event in the near future
  •  Fire Chief asked if anyone in the District had any information on a 1961 Turkey Farm fire off of Little River road, if you do have any information please contact the Fire Chief
  •  Christmas in Cotuit- December 3, 2012 went very well, 150lbs of chili and 300 Christmas cookies, Fire Department Open House went very well
  •  Capital Expenditures- plan submitted to the Board of Fire Commissioners- working progress
  •  Fire Commissioner Mycock requesting the budget process begin next Fire Commissioner’s Meeting
  •  Staffing Subcommittee will meet January 10, 2012 at 1000hrs Fire Station, 64 High Street
  •  Fire Prevention- Cotuit Meadows- the build out is moving forward, Fifty-Eight(58) houses have been inspected, new roadways have been established, second phase to start this year, at the end of the build out they should be a total of one hundred twenty-eight(128) houses.
  •  All Officers are stepping up on Fire Prevention; we are looking to get our Officers completed in the future as credited Fire Prevention Officers.
  •  Fire Chief’s decision to remove FF Shane Clerk from attending the Massachusetts Fire Fighting Academy until July 2012
  •  Dinner with the Cotuit Firefighters went well; thirty-two (32) total adults and children had dinner with the firefighters. First of its kind for Cotuit Fire Department. Thanks to Lieutenant William Sargent, Firefighter Donna Fenner, Firefighter Shane Clark, Firefighter Peter Emerson and District Resident Carol Olsen job well done!
  •  Fire Commissioner Field made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Fire Commissioner Nailor motion carried.



Respectfully Submitted:

Board of Fire Commissioners