September 15 2011 Fire Commissioners Meeting Minutes

Board of Fire Commissioners

Notes of Regular Meeting held, September 15, 2011

Note: These notes become official when approved at a subsequent meeting.


The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Fire Commissioners was called to order at 1304hours by Fire Commissioner Mycock, and Fire Commissioner Nailor.

Fire Commissioner Field was unavailable to make Fire Commissioners meeting.

Recording– Cindy Gardner, Barbara Trainor- Tessier

Fire Commissioners Comments:

  •  May 19th 2011 need to wait to approve at a later date, on counsel advise
  •  June 16th 2011 approved
  •  July 21st 2011 motioned made by Fire Commissioner Mycock to accept July 21st 2011 minutes, seconded by FC Nailor, motion carried
  •  July 21st 2011 motioned made by Fire Commissioner Mycock to accept July 21st 2011 executive minutes, seconded by Fire Commissioner Nailor, motioned carried
  •  May 19th 2011 and August 12th minutes still need to be approved at a later date, again on counsel advise

Public Comments:

  •  Concern with Fire Fighter not being able to respond back to call back
  •  Copies of minutes need to be ready in time allotted
  •  Minutes shall be received when requested by the District Clerk
  •  Question on Fire Commissioner fined by Judge Woodlock, seek the courts to retrieve information and answer.
  •  Minutes can be given early has long as you have DRAFT written on them


Fire Chief’s Report:

  •  Monthly activities no report, will provide three months worth
  •  Call Firefighter process is ongoing


Old Business:


  •  12% of the salaries have been spent
  •  38% of the operational budget has been spent
  •  Appropriations- working with Treasurer to complete and close out some of the appropriations
  •  Comstar report: waiting for response
  •  Union contract has been completed, waiting for all committee members to receive the signed versions

New Business:

  •  Personnel/staffing sub-committee to be formed- verbal request to study additional full time members
  •  Fire Commissioner Mycock stating to make a three person sub-committee first, to come back to the Fire Commissioners with a report on how to move forward with the process of studying the need for additional full time members and to establish the full sub-committee
  •  Sub-committee to meet at the Fire Station 64 High Street, Cotuit, MA 02635 on October 06, 2011 at 1300hours(1:00p.m.)
  •  Sign for posting- requesting permission to move forward with the process, to speak to the Prudential Committee with there thoughts
  •  ISO Rating is in the process for Cotuit Fire Rescue Department





Fire Commissioner Mycock asking if any other public comment, seeing none Fire Commissioner Mycock made a motion to adjourn the meeting, motion seconded by Fire Commissioner Nailor, motion carried.

Fire Commissioner meeting adjourned at 1340hours.




Respectfully Submitted:

Board of Fire Commissioners