Prudential Committee Meeting Minutes; July 25, 2011

Further discussion  on the new District Office location; the Fire Station is not an option. Fire and Water districts approached by The Cape and Vineyard Electric Cooperative concerning the potential of solar installations on district property; potential source of significant income. Prudential Committee would accept or reject based on the recommendation  of the water commissioner. New website is operational. New accounting software was discussed once again. Public comments include potentially using the  Waldorf school as temporary District Office space (not an option, entire school in use), requests for a list of who has health care through the district, discussion of dependents on dental plans, still looking for a third estimate on the work require on Freedom Hall as the  first two seemed high – work continues on Freedom Hall in the mean time, legal billing from previous district meetings, as well as ambulance billing being up – a transfer from the reserve account will probably be required.