Prudential – Oct 30 2014 – Meeting Minutes

Prudential Committee

Cotuit Fire District

Thursday, 30 October 2014


Present Marge Wallace, Fran Parks


The meeting was called to order at 10 am by the chairman.

Fran received a phone call from G &H HVAC Tuesday afternoon to report while cleaning the remaining furnace at Freedom Hall also has a cracked firebox and is unusable.  Fran contacted the gas company and the hall is not on their schedule for a gas hookup until between December 7th to 17th.

The hall will be used in 5 days for voting in the election.

Fran discussed with the contractor the options of no heat and closing the building, renting or leasing a heating unit or installing an oil fired furnace until the gas is in the building.  Closing the building is not really an option with the multiple weekly users and annual Christmas in Cotuit Fair.  Renting a heating unit is generally propane and will likely be more expensive than a replacement oil furnace.

Mr. Carrier tried to find an acceptable used furnace or a scratch and dent one but no luck. He will get the least expensive appropriate oil furnace.

The projected cost of the oil furnace with installation is approximately $4000. We previously approved an expenditure of $500 to clean the current furnace.  Marge made a motion to expend $4500 for a replacement furnace from the reserve fund. The motion was passed unanimously.

Mr. Carrier will have the furnace installed by Monday.  Fran will contact Elaine in the County procurement office to find out how to dispose of surplus equipment.


Respectively submitted,


Fran Parks

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