Prudential Committee-Oct 14 2014- Meeting transcript

Present: Marge Wallace, Laurie Hadley, Fran Parks

Fran:                            I’m going to call to order the Oct. 14, 2014 Cotuit Fire District Prudential Committee Meeting. Is anybody recording? Amy Kates is recording. Let me start with the exterior painting. We had five bids, almost six … Ranging from $27,690 to $37,000. The low bid is O’Byrne Painting at $27,690. We’ve spoken to two of his references. He has done historic buildings; he has all the necessary permits; he has absolutely glowing references. I think we need to motion to accept …

Laurie:                         [I make a motion that we accept the bid from O’Byrne at $27,690 to paint the exterior of the hall.

Fran:                            Second. All those in favor? Unanimous

Fran:                            For these three southern windows, had some of mullions that were actually disintegrating and needed to be repaired. We ended up leaving that out of the bid process, and I need a retroactive provision to ask Mr. Kerr to repair those. He’s rebuilding the rotted ones with two part epoxy. They should be back in this afternoon. The cost of that is probably less than $500. Any questions?

May I have a motion to approve repair of the three windows, the rotted lions on the three windows.

Laurie:                         I make a motion that we approve the expenditure of $500 to repair the windows on the south- side, three windows.

Fran:                            Motioned seconded and approve unanimously

Fran:                            This information came in not in time to change the agenda, but the Open Door people will be starting to work to replace the automatic door handles on the front door on Monday.

Then I gave you each estimates for replacing, if necessary, the basement doors downstairs. We need to replace the actual door. David doesn’t feel that we need to replace all of the framing. This bid includes putting up panic bars downstairs. Also includes putting panic bars on the two side doors up here. We don’t have to do all of this, we can do none of it, we can do some of it.

Laurie:                         I think we should do it all the work… That’s the assessment?

Fran:                            That’s assessment, correct. Which I think is more than reasonable.

Laurie:                         I make a motion that we accept the bid of Dave Kerr of $4939.97 to remove the existing rear basement exit doors, and replace with new steel insulated doors with emergency exit devices, enclosure devices. This is also going to include … He’s going to repair the gates at the top of the stairs that are broken. All those in favor? Unanioius


Fran:                            We got a price from Cotuit Landscaping to go around the building and trim the shrubs, and get rid of some of the vines that are going up the building in preparation for the painting. He’s going to be pruning all the shrubs. The price I got on that was $175; he’s the one that did the last pruning.

Laurie:                         I make a motion that we authorize Cotuit Landscaping to prune the bushes and trees around the building in preparatory to the painting. Approved unanimously

Fran:                            This is the other thing that I got after it was too late to change the meeting, which are the signs.

Marge:                        I still don’t have anything from Cape Cod Sign in Hyannis .  Nothing. I also don’t have a final price on these two.

Fran:                            These are going to be sliding panels so that we can change the date, is that right?

Marge:                        Yes My preference is for the two panel one, not the three. I just think it look better. The flip-side can be really permanent. It could just say “Voting Today.” If we don’t want to put them up in advance, the cheapest thing would be “Voting Today, 4-7.”

Fran:                            I think one of the complaints is that nobody ever knows when we’re voting.

Laurie:                         You’re going to get that complaint if you put a neon sign out at the end of Putnam Ave.

Fran:                            Yes, I know. I understand that.

Laurie:                         I sent postcards to every post office box in rural delivery, giving the dates of the meeting and the election, and I would get complaints. “Well we didn’t know anything about it.”

Marge:                        We can keep the insert each time. One side of the insert can always just be for the voting, and this side can just be for…

Fran:                            Meeting, district meeting?

Marge:                        District meeting instead of the annual meeting because the special meeting is the district meeting

Fran:                            They’re all district meetings so they can say district.

Laurie:                         The only thing that we have to change here is the second line.

Marge:                        Right, and the times are set … The day and the time are set in the by-laws. They just need to know Wednesday, November whatever …

I think we need the time for the voting too.

Marge:                        The flip-side is voting on one line, or do want the date on that line? Do you just want voting on that line? Then we’d never have to change that line.

Fran:                            I think you need the date.

Laurie:                         I was thinking, line two. The flip-side … if we just had the top insert say “Voting,” and the next line put in all the other information. I assume you have to put the day in too, because God knows, people like “Well” …. If it’s always a Tuesday That next line would be “Tuesday, Wednesday, May whatever.”

Marge:                        The third one would be “4-8.” And we did have permanent signs but I don’t know what happened to it. We can flip this one, put “4-8” on the reverse of this side.

Laurie:                         I like the two line better, the one above.

Marge:                        This one?

Laurie:                         Yes. I just think it looks better — but, it’s up to you. We can do two lines

Fran:                            I like this one.

Marge:                        You like what, the three lines?

Fran:                            Yes.

Fran:                            What do you like?

Marge:                        I think I like it too.

Laurie:                         Particularly is they’re going to be driving by, they’re not going to read the whole

Marge:                        So this could just be Tuesday and May, whatever?

Marge:                        The only line that will change is this second panel?

Fran:                            Did we decide on the number of these that we want?

Marge:                        I asked him and I said no more than four, but we should talk about where we’re going to put them all. Freedom Hall?

Fran:                            Freedom Hall?  Post office? End of Putnam Ave.?     And maybe up at the end of Main Street? I think we need another one on Santuit Newtown Road.

Fran:                            Let’s find out how much they’re going to be and then decide how much we can spend on them.  There are up to seven places we can put them.

:                                   Well that’s one of the places I was thinking of, which would put it up to six. Let’s find out how much we know we can put them in several different places.

Marge:                        That’s the one place you don’t need it is the School and Main, but you’ve got to have the post office and Freedom Hall.

Speaker 1:                   I don’t think that’s necessary.

Speaker 1:                   You say that is if you’re coming down Main School Street, you have to stop, take time to read it — but that’s the only advantage. Marge:  When you say Putnam, are you talking about Putnam and Main, or Putnam and 28th?

Fran:                            I was thinking Putnam and 28th, but Putnam and Main would do as well.

Laurie:                         Everywhere. I think I found one on my lawn this afternoon, and I don’t know how it got there.


Fran:                            I think, why don’t we find out the price and then …

Marge:                        I know he said it would be less if did more than four… may save fifty dollars a sign, but that may pay for the next sign,          This one, the one you’ve seen, he’s suggesting the reddish matte brown just to distinguish it from the Civic Association, so it’s not just black and white. People can’t say, “Oh, I thought it was the Civic Association.” I thought that was a really good suggestion.

Fran:                            I think that it looks good         I make a motion we adjourn.

Adjourned at 2:15.