Prudential Committee – July 28, 2014 – Meeting Minutes


Cotuit Fire District Prudential Committee 28 July 2014


Fran Parks: I’m going to go by Mr. Apple, who says that it’s 5:00. I’m going to call the July 28thmeeting with the Cotuit Fire District Prudential Committee to order. Is there anyone who is recording?

Present: Laurie Hadley, Marge Wallace, Charlie Seager, Clerk and Fran Parks

Amy Kates: Amy Kates; I’m recording.

Freedom Hall

Fran Parks: Thank you. Is there any public comment? No public comment. I guess the first discussion point is Freedom Hall. I came into Freedom Hall last week after it had rained and there was water in the basement in the main room on the north side of the building. First we thought it was coming in the window well, and so David Kerr did a channel around it to force the water to go other way and then after the previous heavy rain storm before the last rain that we’ve had.

The problem appears to be the downspout for the gutter. The downspout just drops the water right there at that corner and it goes downhill. He is going to install a longer end on the downspout, then connectors will drain further away from the building and we’ll see if that’ll finally solve the problem.

I have a question about, who used the building this weekend besides the church?

Laurie Hadley: Who used the building this weekend? The church was here, the Historical Society borrowed chairs and tables, and the Mosquito Yacht Club was in here for a couple of hours this morning.

Fran Parks: Because someone has been up there to the balcony, I bet on the kids. I don’t know how they get up there, it’s locked, but they move those lights and someone has brought up one of those really heavy tea tables from the basement.

Laurie Hadley: I’ll get in touch with the minister.

Laurie Hadley: They could have found a ladder, I suppose, and …

Fran Parks: Weren’t there adults here with the kids? Cotuit Fire District Prudential Committee 28 July 2014

Laurie Hadley: No, I mean the church people that came … I don’t know if there were adults with the kids. They have them, a lesson, a meeting with a lesson before they start sailing. I don’t know whether there is an adult present there or not, or whether they leave it up their Commodore, but I will speak to their commodore.

Fran Parks: I mean they’ve used the building before and none of that upstairs has been disturbed.

Laurie Hadley: No.

Fran Parks: Somebody has been up there, we just don’t know who. Then, no, Amy, no questions, I’m sorry. This is a meeting.

Marge Wallace: Possibly the janitor.

Fran Parks: I don’t know why he’d be up there.

Laurie Hadley: I don’t know why he’d be up there. I don’t know why he’d move anything. I can send him an email and ask.

Fran Parks: Okay, all right. Just so everybody knows Mr. Childs never did get around trimming trees on the north side of the building. I’m going to continue working on that, if we are planning on painting the building in the fall, the foundation trim planting should be trimmed prior to that also. I think that’s it. The only other Freedom Hall issue is that I was in here, and the janitor was here and he made a request for a raise he’s been here for two years, and asked if we’d consider giving him a raise of two percent per year that he’s been here.

He’d also like to work an additional hour during the winter, because he finds he has to wash the main floor twice because of all the winter stuff being tracked in. I believe he told me that the increase would be about a dollar an hour.

Marge Wallace: I have no problem with either of those requests.

Laurie Hadley: I don’t either. Freedom Hall looks better than it’s looked in a long time and he keeps it up.

Fran Parks: It smells better. Cotuit Fire District Prudential Committee 28 July 2014

Marge Wallace: I will make a motion that we raise the janitor’s salary by four percent and give him an extra hour in the winter.

Laurie Hadley: Second.

Fran Parks: Can I just get some clarification on when would you like to see the extra hour begin?

Laurie Hadley: From November.

Marge Wallace: November through March?

Fran Parks: April.

Marge Wallace: When we have the lousiest weather. November through April, okay, all right.

Fran Park: I’ll accept that amendment. All those in favor?

Laurie Hadley: Aye.

Marge Wallace: Aye.

Union Negotiations

Fran Parks: So moved. The union negotiations, I’ve met twice with [Mr. Mycock and Mr. Hadley to go over what has been already done in the union negotiations before they were suspended and to go over the district’s requests and the union’s requests. We are going to resume negotiations in September. Hopefully that will go smoothly. I didn’t get a copy of the treasurer’s report, so we don’t have that to go over.

We need to approve the minutes from our last meeting, which I believe was June 23rd,, and the July 19thopening of the executive session. Not the executive session minutes, but the opening for that. I believe I sent you both.

Marge Wallace: You did.

Laurie Hadley: You did.

Fran Parks: Any questions or concerns or alterations? Cotuit Fire District Prudential Committee 28 July 2014

Marge Wallace: No.

Marge Wallace: I make a motion we accept the minutes of June 23rdand the portion of the June 19thmeeting that was open.

Fran Parks: Is there a second?

Laurie Hadley: Second.

Fran Parks: All those in favor? Unanimous

Fran Parks: Any other comments, concerns, questions?

Laurie Hadley: How do we go when you get the treasurer’s reports; to the next month or others?

Fran Parks: I’ll have to contact him and see if we can just forward you the reports for this month.

Laurie Hadley: Okay.

Fran Parks: Email them to you. Anything else? If there is nothing else, it’s a five minute meeting.

Fran Parks: No. I’ll accept the motion to adjourn.

Laurie Hadley: So moved.

Fran Parks: All those in favor?

Fran Parks: Unanimous. We are adjourned at 05:07.


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