Prudential Committee – July 13 2015 – Meeting minutes

Cotuit Fire District

Prudential Committee

13 July 2015

Present: Laurie Haley, Stan Goldstein, Fran Parks

The meeting was called to order at 10 AM for the purpose of opening the bids for the position of Treasurer of the Cotuit Fire District. Two Bids were submitted:

1. Financial Advisory Associates

2. Eric Kinsherf, CPA

The bids were evaluated using the following criteria:

o Treasury experience

o Size of Municipalities Served

o District Experience

o Office Location

o Timely Basis

o Implementation Plan

o Complete Plan of Services

o Certified Public Accountant/Certified Government Accountant

Each criteria was evaluated as highly advantageous, advantageous or not advantageous

Financial Advisory Associates received a sore of eight highly advantageous and one advantageous

Eric Kinsherf five highly advantageous and four advantageous.

Financial Advisory Associates submitted a cost of $807 per week and Eric Kinsherf $800 per week.

The committee agreed that the financial submissions difference was too small of an amount to be significant.

The committee voted to accept Financial Advisory Associates bid based on being more highly advantageous to the district.

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