Prudential Committee – Feb 23 2015 – Agenda


Prudential Committee

23 February 2015

5:00 PM

Freedom Hall

976 Main Street, Cotuit


  • Call to order:¬†Annual Budget, Election & District Meeting Timeline review
  • Lowell property Jaci Barton BLT
  • District Treasurer RFP
  • Freedom Hall: HVAC, interior painting, snow plowing/ door hardware, hot water heater, flood lights
  • January Minutes
  • By-Law/Policy Advisory Committee meetings
  • Any other business that may come before the committee
  • Public Comment

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Prudential Committee- Dec 22, 2014 – Meeting Minutes

Prudential Committee

Cotuit Fire District

22 December 2014

Present: Laurie Hadley, Fran Parks, Clerk Charles Eager

Fran: I’m going to call to order the December 22 2014 meeting of the Prudential committee of the Cotuit Fire District. Is anyone recording? Amy Kates is recording.

First thing I’d like to say is I’m very grateful that I got to know Marge Wallace. I’m very sorry at her death and I’m sorry that the village of Cotuit is losing a dedicated volunteer and I hope everyone keeps her in their prayers.

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