Prudential Committee – June 29 2015 – Meeting minutes

Cotuit Fire District

Prudential Committee

29 June 2015

Fran: I’m going to call the June 29th, 2015 meeting of the Cotuit Fire District Prudential Committee to order. Present are Laurie Hadley, Stan Goldstein, Fran Parks. Is anyone recording? Amy Kates is recording. We’re here for the sole purpose of changing the bid for the Request For Proposal for a part-time treasurer for the District, from a term of three years to one year. As a Chief Procurement Officer, I was able to change the deadline from June 25th to July 6th, so that we would not have to go through the entire re-advertising process again, and what Elaine Davis, the Chief Procurement Officer at the County, will do is she will send anyone who has sent in proposal a copy of this addendum..

Stan: The RFP that you sent out, that Laurie had put together, I was surprised the only change from that RFP to the one that got issued was that Elaine Davis had said we had to make a three-year contract into one,-

Laurie: I believe we discussed this at our last meeting, and this is in line with what we agreed to then. We just didn’t take a formal vote.

Fran: I will accept a motion to approve the change from a three-year term to a one-year term for the RFP for a part-time treasurer for the Cotuit Fire District.

Speaker 2: I move that we amend the RFP by extending the deadline to July 6th, and the term of the contract from a three-year contract to a one-year contract.

Fran: Is there a second?

Stan: Second.

Fran: All in favor? Unanimous

Fran: I’ll accept a motion to adjourn.

Speaker 2: I move we adjourn.

Stan: Second.

Fran: All in favor? Aye. We are adjourned

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